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--DISCOUNTED 2 x Shower Door Handle/Knobs Oval Shaped K002

  • £699
  • Save £5.50

Shower Door Replacement Knob



  • Discounted due to cosmetic damage - knobs are slightly tarnished and some with rust on screw.
  • Ideal for your modern shower enclosure.
  • 2 piece item - 2 supplied.
  • Easy to fit - Just unscrew, thread through the door, screw back up and you're done.
  • Suitable for many different makes.
  • Suitable for 4-10mm glass.
  • Stainless steel screw.
  • Colour: Grey, not black as pictured.
  • An allen key may be required to alter the length of the threaded bolt so that it protrudes far enough through the glass door for the handle to screw to.



  •  A  - Screw diameter: 5mm
  •  B  - Screw length: 12.5 - 20mm
  •  C  - Length of half knob: 37mm
  •  D  -  Inner diameter: 38mm


Postage to UK and worldwide.


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