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How to Repair your Shower Quickly and Cheaply.

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How to Repair your Shower Quickly and Cheaply.

So how do you repair your shower quickly and cheaply?

Often after a number of years and many hours of showering any sliding shower door can experience a degree of sticking due to many factors.  This can become infuriating but you can solve this quickly and at a tiny amount of the cost that you would have if you replaced your shower enclosure.

A poorly sliding shower door can be rejuvenated by replacing its rollers or wheels and you may say "but I don't know where to source the correct shower rollers or wheels - they all look the same!"

This is where comes in:

  1. we have a world class customer service team to help match your shower part - don't be afraid to ask for help, we are quite friendly and the service is FREE
  2. we have a range of guides and videos to further help in taking measurements and actually fitting the parts
  3. we have an almost unrivalled range of shower parts that are dispatched from our UK offices - with FREE UK delivery

Visit but in the mean time have a look at this video to see how easy it is to match your rollers:

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  • I live in Reading I purchased a while ago I purchased new rollers for thetop of shower door is there a local \shower Lux agent who can fit it for me
    Hope youcan help

    b mundy on

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