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A step by step guide to removing your shower rollers and wheels

We often get asked if we can advise customers on how to remove and replace their shower door rollers or wheels. While there are hundreds of roller types and shower styles there are often similarities in how a roller or wheel is attached to the shower door and is removed or fits into the shower casement.

Step 1. In order to identify your part you first need to remove existing roller or wheel from your shower door.

Yes this seems obvious but you would be surprised how many people try to take measurements while the unit is still on the shower door! Hopefully this should be a fairly simple task of removing the wheel cover (if present) or locating the screw/bolt that fixes the whole unit to the glass door. Sometimes the shower door roller unit may be stiff or stuck on the door in which case you may find it useful to use a light spray lubricant, such as WD40, and let this soak into the joints of the unit for a while. In certain cases you may need to re-apply the lubricant a few times and leave overnight to soak in. In very stubborn cases when the roller unit is completely seized it be be necessary to use more force than usual.

You may find this video useful

WARNING: If using extra force to remove the roller it is extremely important to remember that the unit is attached to glass and therefore any force using metal tools such as screwdrivers, spanners etc will run the risk of cracking or chipping the glass. If you are unsure the best advice would be to STOP TRYING and ring a local plumber who will certainly have the correct tools to remove your rollers. In most cases a good plumber will also be able to help you match the rollers too if necessary.

Step 2: Disassemble the roller/wheel unit

Now you have your rollers or wheels removed from the shower door the next step is to carefully dismantle the unit into it's various pieces. It might be worth taking some photos of the assembled unit at this point - this can be useful when assembling the new unit or if you need to use our free shower roller matching service. You may find it useful to lay out a sheet of newspaper or a tea towel to stop any small pieces of the roller mechanism from dropping onto the floor and disappearing never to be seen again!

Step 3. Identification and measuring the shower part

This is where you need to find yourself a ruler, pen and paper and a steady hand. Above we have provided a diagram which gives you some idea what the various parts of a common roller look like and where to measure. The most important factors are the hole size of the glass (yes you will need to measure the hole in the glass of the shower door as well), the wheel diameter and also the thickness of the glass. Because there are so many makes and models of showers and shower doors and enclosures these factors vary enormously. To give you some idea of the variation we stock wheels ranging from a diameter of just 15mm right up to 30mm.

Once you have noted the measurements it's time to start matching up your roller with the hundreds of shower door rollers and wheels  that we have in stock - and if we don't have can certainly order for you.

Use our filter system on the left of the page to select the correct measurements, wheel diameter, thickness etc and hopefully you will soon find your roller - or something very similar (or better) that you will be able to use as a your replacement shower part.

In some cases our customers find it difficult to match their unit so all we ask is you take a few photos of your old rollers (this can be done with a digital camera or a mobile phone as long as the photo is not too dark or blurry). Once you have the photos you can upload the shower roller photos here. We normally respond SAME DAY with a match or suggestion for you.

Step 4. Order your shower door roller or wheel

Once you have identified the correct rollers the next part is easy! Just follow the steps to buy your shower part through our website. The service is totally secure and we take a variety of payment methods from debit cards to PayPal and even by bank transfer. We have a huge variety of replacement shower parts at very competitive prices and offer FREE UK postage

It's worth noting that in many cases the top and bottom rollers are different and may even have slightly different dimensions and measurements so make sure you order the TOP or BOTTOM version if there is a choice.

If you have any questions please contact us here