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Tell us your Shower Part story ...

Posted by Showerpart Ltd on

Tell us your Shower Part story ...

Through our free part matching service we've heard many stories from our wonderful customers.

Some desperate to find the right part as the weather has been way too hot and the shower has been out of action for way too long. Other's being nagged by their significant others to get the job fixed as it has been weeks now. Our favourite part is the ending - when the shower is back in action from purchasing the right part from us the first time.

We've had some great emails from some fantastic customers giving us a small insight into their shower woes. My favourite was from a lovely lady who's shower door broke and she needed the rollers replacing because her children were hastily playing "hide and seek" in the shower! Another gentlemen told me about the "bang" in the middle of the night where the shower door fell off! We've had showers on boats we've fixed and showers from all over the world! We've had photos of the most unusual parts and so many different types of showers and styles. We've had customers reporting they've made adaptions themselves from our parts. Others who have battled with the internet before and now succeeded to get results from our online service. We've even had the odd holiday snap sent through by mistake!

We love helping our customers with our part matching service but we also like connecting with them too - hearing their stories and how we help can solve their shower problems.

What's your story?

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