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2 x Twin Top Shower Door Rollers/Runners/Wheels Grooved 22mm Wheel Diameter L016

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Twin Shower Door Top Rollers For Sliding Shower Door U Grooved 



  • 2 top rollers supplied.
  • Luxurious top quality product.
  • Adjustable up and down to allow the door to be lined up to mate with the frame or magnetic seal where you have a pair of doors.
  • The truck is held in place with a nut and this is covered with a plastic cover making them pleasing to the eye and easy to clean.
  • Swivel action to also fit curved and quadrant showers.



  •  A  - Wheel diameter: 22mm.
  •  B  - Wheel thickness: 6mm.
  •  C  - Diameter of hole in the glass: 11mm.
  •  D  - Glass thickness: 4-6mm.
  •  E  - Distance between the centre of the fixing hole to the edge of the glass: 18.5mm.



  • Wheel part of the material is formaldehyde - less noise.
  • 304 stainless steel micro-bearing - no rust.


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