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--Matki Radiance Curved Mark2 Top Shower Door Rollers/Runners/Wheels Components AT5

  • £3999

Components for Matki Radiance Curved Mark 2 Top Grooved Roller Wheels



  • 100% new and high quality.
  • Complete roller consists of 9 individual parts (10 if including both wheels) - all are bought individually or as a full roller (please choose from applicable parts from dropdown menu).
  • Suitable for Matki Radiance Curved RCC900 and REC 1100 Mark2 showers.


Specifications for AT5i wheel:

  •  A  - Wheel diameter: 24.6mm (inner groove 21.3mm).
  •  B  - Wheel thickness: 7mm.
  •  C  - Protruding boss diameter: 9mm.
  •  D  - Protruding boss height: 1mm.
  •  E  - Hole diameter: 4mm.

Postage to UK and worldwide.


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