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Roman Haven Bath Screen Hinges/ Brackets R12

  • 23.00

Shower Door Brackets/Hinges



  • Set of two supplied as shown in image - 1 left and 1 right.
  • 100% new.
  • High quality.
  • Suitable for Roman Haven bath screens. 



  • Roman Product Specific Compatibility: H2D1.
  • Diameter of Riser: 37.5mm.
  • Width of Riser: 13.5mm.
  • Moulding Width: 75mm.
  • Moulding Height: 23.5mm.
  • Moulding Internal Diameter: 19.5mm.
  • Shower Door Glass Thickness: 6mm.



  • Chrome plated plastic.


Postage to UK mainland and worldwide.


If you still cannot find the part you are looking for or need to ask any additional questions please contact us.

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