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15 Years Of Shower Part - Background & History

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15 Years Of Shower Part - Background & History

As we celebrate #15years of Shower Part this year, we take a moment to reflect on the last 15 years and all the memories, relationships, stories, and progress that’s been made in a series of blogs. We will be discussing several topics (listed at the end) so keep your eyes peeled for a new topic each month!

Starting our first blog of the series off, it’s only right to reflect on the history of Shower Part and where it all began. Back in 2008 the idea of ‘Shower Part’ first started by accident in a home in London, a business idea that sparked from a personal experience of being unable to find the correct shower rollers. The owner found that her own shower door rollers had rusted and the bearings fell out, so she needed a replacement ASAP. Having searched high and low throughout the UK including local plumbers’ shops, hardware stores and online, she didn’t have much luck, but eventually found an online seller in USA holding only couple of types of rollers and decided to give one of them a go. After a couple of weeks a set of 8 tiny rollers arrived. Her husband tried to install one which did not fit. He then grinded it down but still no luck. This left the pair with 7 brand new rollers, which she then listed individually for sale on eBay. They were sold in just a couple days giving her a surprisingly good profit. Having noted its success, she then decided to experiment and ordered another 5 sets which were sold again. Now having found a gap in the market, she kept increasing variety and ordering more and more which eventually led to the opening of the Shower Part online shop and the business started to run from 5 days a week at home.

After 5 years, in 2013 the owner discovered she was pregnant and her and her husband decided they wanted to move to seaside town and without much thinking, they thought ‘if it’s a seaside – it’s got to be nicest in the Country’. They packed up and moved all their belongings including the Shower Part business to Cornwall. At the end of the following year, they took on their first staff member, Rod, who took over the task of picking and packing orders whist the owner took on some new responsibilities of her own, becoming a new mum after the addition of a son to the family unit. And from that moment, that’s when the business really started to expand and progress over the years with lots of new ideas flying in …



Topics that we will be covering in this 15 years of Shower Part blog series include:

  • Background & History
  • Relocation
  • Technology & Awards
  • Products & Services
  • Staff & Christmas fun over the years
  • Relationships with other local businesses and charities
  • Events & Exhibitions 

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