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Are Cold Showers Beneficial To You?

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Are Cold Showers Beneficial To You?

Are Cold Showers Beneficial To You?

Well, yes! There are several perks to having a cold shower, if you can handle the nippy temperature. Here are some reasons on how they can help:

  • Build up your immunity to common colds.
  • Speed up your metabolism and improve circulation.
  • Prevent soreness and reduce inflammation and target against localised pain.
  • Boost your mood and fight against depression or anxiety.
  • Keep you alert.

So you're probably wondering what exactly is a cold shower? Just 2-3 minutes of cold water (below 60 degrees) or even a quick blast on a targeted area of your body (such as an injury) can really help therapeutically, known as 'cold therapy'. It may be a bit much to literally go 'cold turkey' right away so you can put the shower temperature as low as you can stand and just start with 30 seconds until you can build up to 2-3 minutes periods. Another great tip is alternating between hot and cold, always trying to end with cold. Hot water is great for washing, so start with this and when ready you can switch the notch down lower.

Obviously please factor in when considering cold showers if it is suitable to your health conditions, for example if you suffer from Raynaud's symptoms then cold temperatures would trigger your condition and make things worse.

Why not give it a try and let us know how you get on in the comments below! 

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