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Our Cleaning Bundles Are Now Live!

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Our Cleaning Bundles Are Now Live!

Cleaning Your Shower!

Cleaning videos are the new trend on Instagram and TikTok. There's something so satisfying about watching a before an after video of a dirty, untidy room suddenly transform into a bright, clean, spacious area. As strange as it sounds a clean room can also help massively with your mental health.

Our cleaning bundles are the perfect addition to giving your bathroom (and shower) a thorough clean.

Our bundle includes professional perfumed cleaner and disinfectant (750ml), ideal for usage on all surfaces and tough stains. A toothbrush which can help tackle those hard to reach places like crevices, rails and of course shower rollers! Give them a good scrub and finish off with a wipe of our soft microfibre cloth that we supply. This also comes in handy for wiping surfaces and buffing taps to remove water marks. For the glass and plastic, such as mirrors and shower screens we provide a professional window, mirror and plastic cleaner (750ml). This can be used on shower tiles too, accompanied by our squeegee which has both a sprayer (which you can either fill up with the window cleaner or alternatively water) and a sponge attachment. Give your screens a spray of this and gently move the squeegee across to collect the liquid and leave the surface smudge free. The sponge can be used to mop up any excess liquid that may accumulate at the bottom. Finally, you can remove the shower head and use the shower head cleaning brushes in the head holes to remove any surplus dirt, thus allowing more water to flow through and better pressure.

We are planning a cleaning video of our own very soon, but in the meantime if you have any cleaning videos, we would love to see them!

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