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What are shower steamers?

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What are shower steamers?

What are shower steamers?

For those who love bath bombs but only have a shower these are essentially the equivalent, giving you the chance to enjoy a variety of aromatic scents and keeping the skin soft and moisturised with the steam and essential oils being released. Steamers encourage a luxurious and pampering experience in your own home. They are easy to use with no preparation needed.

Shower steamers start to fizz as water or steam touches them. You can pop them on a safe space on the shower tray floor or how about hang them in an organza bag allowing the scent to be closer to your nose.

We're proud to be now be stocking shower steamers in a variety of scents, with hopefully more to add to the collection soon. Our aromatherapy shower steamers help improve your mood!

Focus Boost uplifting scent that helps to awaken the senses and boost productivity.

Kick Start - perfect for anyone looking to boost their productivity and focus throughout the day.

Calming -  a natural and holistic way to unwind and de-stress in the shower.

Anti Anxiety - the calming effects of the essential oils can help to reduce feelings of anxiety and promote a sense of inner peace and tranquility.


Have a look at our new range here.


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