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Shower Cleaning - Tips and Hacks!

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Shower Cleaning - Tips and Hacks!

Cleaning your shower (and bathroom) can help make bathroom products and its parts work for longer. 

Setting up a short routine can cut down later on on lengthy time consuming deep cleans.

Have you considered cleaning your shower before or after you use it? This is a really good tip, as steam that comes from running a hot shower works brilliantly in removing any tough grime or stains. Steam is a natural disinfectant and cleaner. It only takes a few seconds to rinse down your shower once you've finished, and this will help remove any hair or debris, that would otherwise build up once you step out the shower.

A few simple tools can help you on your cleaning mission. A few squirts of a simple spray cleaner (even a homemade one to save costs, such as white vinegar and water) and then a squeegee down your screen or tiles to prevent spores from forming. Damp areas can quickly cause mould and mildew so need to be addressed. Once rinsed, used a microfiber cloth to buff and dry the screen and/or tiles.

Another great product is a hair catcher plug. This sits over the drain and helps catch any debris that can clog and block the drains such as hair, soap, razors or anything else that might accidently drop down whilst showering. Remove this after each shower, and individually clean.

Wall dispensers can help cut down on soap rings on surfaces and help you measure the quantity of shower gel / shampoo / conditioner better. You can buy unbranded eco friendly liquids in bulk to save in costs and packaging too.

To clean out tiny spray holes, (such as the ones in shower heads) we recommend using micro cleaning brushes. A lot of people forget to clean these areas, but it is so important as essentially this is where the water shoots out from, so you want clean water in the first instance!

Don't chuck away your old toothbrushes, these can double up as great cleaning brushes for stubborn grime and those hard to reach areas in the shower, such as under your sliding door, under and around your taps and your shower rollers and wheels!

Have you got any bathroom cleaning tips? Please let us know in the comments below...


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