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Do your bit for the planet!

Posted by Indre on

Do your bit for the planet!

We received this wonderful review on Trustpilot yesterday from Esther and it got us thinking about how our products really do help the planet and reduce landfill.

"Really helpful advice over the phone and flexible and great approach to returns. Items delivered on time in good order and were as described. Very helpful friendly staff. We have a large shower with unique doors and the availability of these rollers saved the shower so saving us a lot of money and saving the world from landfill. Really good for us and the planet. We are very happy with the product and are very grateful."

So why should we replace parts in the shower enclosure and try and fix it ourselves? Well, it's simple really, not only does it save you costs (as its much cheaper to buy smaller parts, then a whole shower enclosure), but it also reduces the hassle of taking an enclosure to the dump and reducing space in landfill. Replacing shower rollers and likewise products are an easy DIY skill you can do yourself at home too, which give you a real sense of achievement once completed. (Check out our "How do I fit my shower rollers in less than 60 seconds?" tutorial video here). We think it's a no brainer all round, save money in your pocket, save time and save the planet!

If you need help finding the right part, please email our team at and we will more than happy to help.

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