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Love Your Shower!

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Love Your Shower!

In keeping with the month of love, we encourage you to love your home and love your shower


Did you know if your shower rollers break or the handle snaps you don't have to spend hundreds of pounds on a new shower enclosure?

You can normally source the parts from us at a fraction of the price. We understand that finding the right part can be daunting which is why we use filters, measurements, clear photos and descriptions on our website to help you identify the right part first time. AND if you're still stuck after that you can easily email us with some photos and measurements and we will match the part for you!


So, how do you protect and maintain your shower to maximise it's lifetime?

Firstly (and as obvious as it sounds), avoid hard impact or collision with the shower door (slamming, banging etc). This may cause the door to de-rail, the glass to smash or the fittings to loosen. One poor lady contacted us after her children decided to play "hide and seek" in the shower cubicle which ended in disastrous consequences.

Keep an eye on the fittings, ensuring all screws are tightened and all parts firmly secured, fixed and in place. If you start to notice a good amount of wear and tear then now is the time to get the parts replaced.

Yes, it's a shower and you clean yourself in it, but you also need to remember the shower needs a clean too! Once a week clean the rails, slides, rollers, guides, handles and other working parts on the doors with a microfiber cloth, toothbrush and a mild detergent. Always read the label on the cleaning solution to make sure it is suitable for the task. Never use sharp objects or anything that may scratch the surface and cause damage. When needed you may wish to add some lubrication oil to the wheels to help with the gliding and movement of the rollers. Tip: if you ever need to remove the covers from the rollers (to remove the part from the screen) which are stiff you can try soap or washing up liquid to help loosen and glide the cover off.


Why is it important to look after your shower?

We have already established you can save lots of money in both the short and long term but also maintaining the shower means that if you look after it properly it will never be out of action! We've read so many stories from our customers who have no shower due to parts failing and at the same time they have guests staying which leads both to embarrassment and inconvenience, resulting in them needing a very hasty solution. Although we do offer FREE first class UK delivery so we can get the parts to you as soon as possible, we still suggest you prepare in advance and have the spare parts ready or replaced before it's too late. In addition to the practicality issue a lot of us take great pride in the appearance of our homes, including the bathroom or wet room. Come on, hands up - who has a showroom bathroom for guests, be honest?! You may for example, just decide to upgrade your shower handle with a more snazzy style, or perhaps you want to change your shower rollers from chrome covers to white so it blends in more naturally with the rest of the shower enclosure. We're growing our range of products monthly and we already have lots of different colour options on a number of parts with this idea in mind.


So, now what?

In a nutshell "love your shower". Not just in February but all year through. Keep an eye on all shower parts for any potential issues, ensure regular cleaning and prepare and prevent - get your spare parts ready now! In return for this we also love our customers so much that we will try our best to help too - including our part matching service, product advice, video tutorials and our friendly and efficient customer service which is typically open 7 days a week. 


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