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Free Shower Part Matching Service - what does this mean?

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Free Shower Part Matching Service - what does this mean?

Shower door rollers and wheels are the most common parts of a shower system to fail, with replacements almost certainly needed during the lifespan of your shower irrespective of brand or quality of the product.

There are lots of shower rollers and wheels out there and finding a match for your shower door rollers can be quite a task. Fortunately here at Shower Part Ltd we are here to help.

  1. upload 3 photos of the part detached from the screen of the front, back and side angles this will help.
  2. Make/Model of Shower
  3. Please send us some measurements of your part


If you are having trouble removing your rollers read our step by step guide here.

 If you need to purchase a caliper to get the most accurate measurements please click here

Here are some guides to help you measure the part accurately.

Shower Roller Size Guide

Shower Wheel Size Guide

Shower Handle Size Guide

Shower Knob Size Guide

Shower Pulley Size Guide

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