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How Can Shower Part Help You Go Green Through The Environmental Benefits Of Upcycling.

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How Can Shower Part Help You Go Green Through The Environmental Benefits Of Upcycling.

You may be asking how can buying shower rollers and other shower parts help us all do something positive for the environment?  But there are many benefits buying from ShowerPart.


Environmental benefits of Upcycling

  1. Saving materials from landfill - Replacing your shower parts avoids a complete shower being sent to landfill
  2. Reducing what goes into landfill - We’ve become so used to things being mass manufactured.
  3. Minimal use of natural resources - Upcycling existing resources means that we don’t have to use any new raw materials in the production process.

Social and Economic Benefits of Upcycling

  1. Celebrating DIY skills or employing local tradesmen - Behind every upcycled product, there is a person or local tradesman who is supporting the upcycle and in turn supporting local economies and the local society.
  2. Saved financial costs - Reduced costs mean that money saved can spent and go into the local economy

Personal benefits of Upcycling

  1. Doing your bit for Mother Nature - Nothing beats that the feeling you get inside when you’ve done something great for the planet.
  2. Crafty repair skills - Repairing an item and giving it a new life is a great skill and a wonderful feeling.
  3. You save money - The cost of doing an upcycle repair is huge financial saving compared to purchasing a completely new shower.

Your investment in new shower parts does have a positive impact on our shared environment and is worth considering when you have a shower that needs a bit of DIY.

ShowerPart Ltd has the largest range of replacement Shower Door Rollers, Shower Door Wheels and Shower Door Handles in the UK and can deliver worldwide.

  • same day dispatch on orders placed before 2pm Mon- Fri
  • free 1st class delivery on all UK orders
  • free part matching service
  • Customer Service is available Monday to Friday.

We also specialise in Shower Door Handles and a variety of Shower Enclosure Parts.

We stock a large range of single wheel types, double wheels, pulleys, quick /easy release types and wheel diameters ranging from 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm etc all the way up to 55mm. Our shower parts are suitable for a wide variety of door types including curved shower door rollers and traditional straight glass door rollers. We really have got a replacement roller for almost every situation! Brands we stock include: Aqata, April, Aquadart, Aqualux, Aquasata, Atlas,  Bathstore, Cooke & Lewis, Coram, Cressida, Daryl, Eastbrook, Elbee, Ideal Standard, Image, Kohler, Kermi, Koralle, Kudos, Lakes, Manhattan, Matki, Merlyn, Mira, Niagara, Roman, Novellini, Showerlux,  Samo, Selecta, Simpson, Sovereign, Tivoli, Victoria Plumb, Wickes and many many more....

We are able to supply spare parts for most shower manufacturers and deliver with 95% of all orders despatched the same day so you get your shower up and running again and back to its best with as little down time as possible. If you have any difficulty locating the correct shower spare, please do not hesitate to contact us or better still use our handy part matching tool click here.

We supply to retail consumers as well as the trade throughout the UK, European Union and beyond – if you think your project is too much for yourself ask your tradesman to look at ShowerPart. Our products are made out of high-grade materials and have excellent durability and strength. Each of our products are subjected to a strict quality control procedure, before being sent to customers.

Contact us today via our website we would love to help you save some money.


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